updated on 26 June 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes



Objects in Gravit Designer behave similar to a physical object – you can grab them, move, resize rearrange, bring them on top of each other, You can manipulate their properties, group and combine them in various ways. An object is every item that is placed on the canvas. All objects have a representation in the layers panel.

Although it can edit bitmap (or raster) images to some extent, almost all of the objects in Gravit Designer are vectors.

Vector graphics are based on mathematical formulas which give us huge advantage and flexibility in the editing process:

  • keeping the file size small
  • unprecedented precision in editing down to a fraction of a pixel
  • zoom in/out without losing fidelity up to 25 600%
  • objects can be edited at any time after they are created. Including their shape, size, colors, and effects
  • export final result in multiple resolutions without worrying about loss of quality
  • advanced manipulation of multiple objects at once through shared styles, symbols, smart alignment, and other magic features 🙂

Bounding box

Every object has a “bounding box” when you select it. The outline with 9 transform handles. This bounding box is used of for lots of calculations to reduce uncertainty.

bounding box

The height of the dog object is its bounding box.


Note: Centered/Outside borders and some effects (such as shadows, glow) don’t affect bounding box as they are rendered outside of the bounding box