updated on 26 June 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes


Tools (Toolbar)

(1) Save – saves active file / CTRL + S

(2) Undo – one step back in the history of actions. Negates the last operation.  / CTRL + Z

(3) Extended Undo history – each action performed by the user will be tracked in a list so that it’s possible to easily go backward or forward on the commands used on the file.

(4) Redo – go forward in the history of actions. / SHIFT + / CTRL + Z

(5) Decrease zoom level (to next preset) / CTRL + minus sign

(6) Select a preset zoom level – 6-25 600% Also here is the Fit All preset. Double click on the numbers to enter custom zoom level.

(7) Increase zoom level (to next preset) / CTRL + plus sign

(8) Fit All – fit view to all objects in the viewport (inside and outside of the canvas/page).

(9) Pan tool (and Zoom tool in the menu) – Pan tool is used to move around the canvas, Zoom tool can be used to magnify the viewport to a custom region. This allows you to work on fine details with greater precision.

(10) Snap on/off and snapping options – computer-assisted alignment

(11) Selection tools

(12) Shape tools (preset shapes, primitives) here are all the tools that allow you to create basic preset shapes like Straight Lines, Rectangles and Rounded rectangles, Ellipses and Circles, Polygons, Triangles and Stars

(13) Drawing tools (Path) – allow you to make your own shapes: Pen tool, Bezigon, and Freehand tools

(14) Reshaping tools – cut and carve an existing path/shape

(15) Text tool – add a text box

(16) Place Image (and Link Image) – inserts or link images in the design

(17) Flip Horizontal – mirror selected objects over the horizontal axis

(18) Flip Vertical – mirror selected objects over the vertical axis

(19) Rotate 90° left (counterclockwise)

(20) Rotate 90° right (clockwise)

(21) Group – groups selected objects

(22) Ungroup – ungroup selected groups or compound shapes

(23) Create Compound Shape (Boolean operations) – make multiple shapes into one

(24) Clip – place all selected objects inside boundaries of one

(25) Bring Forward – move selected objects one step upper in stacking order (on top of other objects)

(26) Send Backward- move selected objects one step behind (on top of other objects)

(27) Create Symbol – converts selection into a reusable master symbol

(28) Convert to Path

(29) Vectorize Border – convert a border of the selection into a filled shape

(30) Export – opens the export dialog

To learn more about every tool please visit our Tools Section