updated on 21 November 2020 | reading time: 3 minutes

Working with files

Starting New Document

New Document

You can create a new file from two places: Welcome screen and File menu.

The Welcome Screen is a pop-up panel you see every time you launch Gravit Designer.

Welcome screen in Gravit Designer

You can hide it at startup by selecting the option (1) on the bottom right.

Hide welcome screen

Start with the right canvas size

Gravit’s mission is to keep you focused on the creative part of the design process. That’s why Gravit Designer collected most popular print and screen sizes right in front of the Welcome Screen. You can easily start a project without using any other template or trying to set the values yourself.

Canvas size collection, welcome screen

Imagine you need to create a cover design for the Youtube channel. From the Welcome Screen, you can go straight to the Social Media category (3) and click on the small chevron icon to bring up a dropdown.

Social media category

Select the YouTube Cover(1) option from the dropdown list to start a New Document with the 2560x1440px canvas.

Youtube Cover

You can choose from various predefined canvas/page sizes divided into five categories:

Canvas collections

  1. The print is a collection of the standard print sizes (A0, A2, A3, etc.) and popular print project sizes (business card, flyer, postcard)
  2. Web/Desktop is a collection of traditional web design sizes.
  3. Social Media is a collection of social media cover and banner sizes. Here you will find a size for literally every big social media platform, popular in the western world.
  4. Devices is a collection of popular mobile devices. Don’t know the IphoneX screen size? No problem. Open the Devices dropdown and pick it up from the abundant list.
  5. Print on Demand is a helpful list of sizes for those designers who are promoting and selling their designs on popular platforms such as Amazon Merch, Redbubble, Teepublic, and Cafepress.

Start with your own size

Need a custom size for the design? Head over to the panel on top of the New Design page of the Welcome Screen.

Custom size panel

Type inside the Width(1) and Height(2) boxes, select the units(3) from the dropdown and click the Create! button(4) to start a new document.

Custom size panel elements

Document units

Gravit Designer can use several units suitable for print as well as screen design.

select the units on the welcome screen


Tip: if you designing for a screen – use pixels (px). If you design a print content, use real-world units e.g. millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm) or inches (in). Users who need to use a special typography unit such as point (pt) or pica (pc) will probably know what they’re doing. Learn more about points and picas here.