updated on 21 November 2020 | reading time: 1 minute

Working with files

Starting new Document with a Template

New from template

Gravit Designer provides many professionally designed templates in various categories to help you start fast. These design templates contain existing content and can be easily edited.

You can access them in New from Template tab (1) in welcome screen or from File > New Design from Template menu.

Click any category to see a range of different template choices (2). For example, click on Presentation. You will see a range of preset presentation slide templates.

Chose a preset template to modify (3), or use the Back button (4) to return to the list of categories.

You can use the Large preview switch (5) for a larger preview of the available templates.


design project templateSelect one of the preset templates with a single click. You can then modify or replace (or delete) content to customize the project. This includes text, colors, images, and effects.

Note: All the templates can be used for commercial purposes



Note:  You have to be online to see these templates.