updated on 12 February 2021 | reading time: 2 minutes

Design Aids



Grids are design aids that allow you to manually snap/align objects and anchor points to a regular geometric structure. Making it easy to keep consistent positioning and sizing in your designs. Gravit Designer provides two types of grids – Rectangular and Isometric.

To use the grid:

  1. Make sure the Grid is visible by pressing / CTRL + / ALT +G or go to View > Canvas > Show Grid (Snap to Grid option is available in the Snap submenu of the View Menu)
  2. Click on the empty spot of your document (canvas) to deselect everything. Notice a Document Panel in the bottom part of the Inspector Panel.

Note:  To deselect everything use: Edit > Deselect All or  / CTRL + / SHIFT +A.
  1. Head over to the Grid section(2) of the Document Panel. Use radio buttons to bring up either Rectangular (radio button On(1)) or Isometric ( radio button Isometric(2) ) grid.
    Grid Section of the Document Panel
  2. Now you can tweak grid settings:
    1. Grid size for both. Notice text fields for Width(1) and Height(2).
      Grid width and height in Gravit Designer
    2. Angles text fields(1,2) for Isometric Grid only.
      Isometric Grid Settings in Gravit Designer
  3. Make sure that Snap to Grid(2) is enabled in the Snap dropdown(1) of the View Menu.
    Snap to grid in Gravit Designer

    Note: Grids are only visible inside Gravit Designer viewport and will not be exported or printed.

Here are some useful settings for Isometric grid settings:

  1. Isometric (30°, -30°)
  2. 1:2 Isometric (27°,-27°)
  3. Dimetric (15°,-15°)
  4. Oblique (45°, -45°)
  5. 2:1 Triangular (27°,-27°)
  6. Horizontal triangular (60°,-60°)

Some more info on isometric design in Gravit: