updated on 21 November 2020 | reading time: 2 minutes

Design Aids



Guides (guide lines) are design aids that allow you to snap/align objects and anchor points to a horizontal and vertical line that are manually placed on the canvas.

To place a guideline on canvas:

  1. Make sure that the rulers are visible: View > Canvas > Show Rulers or use / CTRL + / ALT +R shortcut to toggle ruler visibility
  2. Also toggle the guides visibility: View > Canvas > Show Guide Lines ( / CTRL +,)
  3. Drag from the ruler towards the canvas. Release when happy with the guide placement.
    Bring up guidelines

The guide coordinates will be shown while dragging to allow for precise placement.

To move the guides:

  1. Hover over the guideline in the viewport.
  2. When the cursor changes to a two-headed arrow, click and drag. selecting and dragging to a new location.

To remove a guideline:

  1. Select and drag the guideline exactly on top of the ruler.
  2. Release the . Please do n’t go after the ruler because the guideline will be moved to the new location.
    Delete guides in Gravit Designer

You can double click on the ruler to add a guideline to 0 coordinate.


Note: Keep in mind that the objects/anchor points can snap to guides even if they are hidden from view, but the Snap to Guides is enabled. The opposite is also true – Guides could be visible, but snapping can be disabled.