updated on 21 November 2020 | reading time: 3 minutes

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Snapping is computer-assisted alignment.

When you drag an object, as you closely approach a position of alignment with another object or the page, the object will “snap” (jump) to the alignment position, and snapping guidelines will indicate the alignment position used.

Snapping options

Hold / CTRL to temporarily disable all snapping except for Snap to Full pixels. This allows to quickly move objects only on whole units keeping designs pixel perfect.

Note: Snapping of element inside a group is limited only to elements of that group. Same goes for elements inside of a Layer Group.

Snapping options

Clicking directly on the Snap icon in the Toolbar will toggle snapping on or off. Clicking on the small arrow beside the icon reveals a menu of snapping options.

Snapping options in Gravit Designer

(1) Use Snapping  – toggle snapping on/off

(2) Use Snap Zones – only snap to the edge(s) being dragged

(3) Snap to Grid  – snap to the (optional) page grid, if visible

(4) Snap to Guide Lines – snap to guide lines, if created and visible

(5) Snap to Full Pixels – snap to avoid decimal pixel position

(6) Snap to Anchor Points – use anchor points of the selected path for snapping

(7) Snap to Shapes – snap to shape bounding boxes and center

(8) Snap to Pages – snap to page edges and center

(9) Show Grid – show/hide grid

(10) Show Guide Lines – show/hide guide lines

(11) Show Symbol Labels– show labels on master symbols on the canvas

Use Snapping

Turn snapping off, or turn enabled snapping features on again. / SHIFT +F10 or View > Snap to > Use Snapping

For example, if only grid snapping and shape snapping are enabled, only those options are turned off/on by Use Snapping.

Use Snap Zones

Toggle Use Snap Zones to enable/disable snapping of the the side nearest to the cursor (where the cursor is grabbing the object) and ignore other snapping possibilities.

Snap to Zones in Gravit Designer

For example, if you want to snap the top side of the shape, grab the top side and drag it, if you want to snap left – drag the left side instead.

Snapping zones example

Note: When Use Snap Zones is enabled the Distance guides are not shown.

Here is a visual representation of a Snap zones.

Snap zones in Gravit Designer

(1) Snap Top side only

(2) Snap Top-Left side only

(3) Snap Top-Right side only

(4) Snap Left side only

(5) Snap Right side only

(6) Snap Left-Bottom side only

(7) Snap Right-Bottom side only

(8) Snap Bottom side only

(9) Snap Center only

Snap to Grid

With this setting on, and the grid showing, objects, tools, and selections will snap to the grid lines.

Snap to grid in Gravit Designer

Note: Objects will not snap to the grid if it is not visible.

Snap to Guide Lines

Toggle the Snap to Guide lines to snap to the visible guidelines on the canvas.

Snap to guide lines in Gravit Designer

Snap to Full Pixels

Toggle Snap to full pixel to enable disable snapping full pixel units without decimals in all of you transformations with objects. This is especially useful in UI and icon design.

Note: All sizing transformations would be rounded to the whole numbers without decimals.


Snap to Anchor Points

Toggle the Snap to anchor points to snap anchor points to the anchor points of the same objects and to the straight nodes of the others.

Snap to anchor points

Snap to Shapes

Toggle Snap to Shapes to snap to bounding boxes, sides or center of the other shapes.

Snap to shapes in Gravit

Snap to Pages

Toggle Snap to Pages to enable/disable snapping to the page boundaries and center of the page.