updated on 21 November 2020 | reading time: 1 minute

Design Aids

View aids

View aids


/ ALT +Enter will toggle fullscreen view. It will hide/show all interface elements and leave only canvas visible. Alternatively you can use View > Toggle Fullscreen . Read more into the View Menu section of this document.

New view

Opens another tab with a new view of the current document, you can change this new view to a different zoom level and switch between tabs Access in menu  View > New View or / CTRL + / ALT +N

That way you can work on tiny details and quickly switch to see how the whole composition will work.

Outline view

You can quickly remove every fill, border or effect and see only outlines of the objects on a canvas. View > Outline view 

Outline view in Gravit Designer

Clip content

Clip content toggle hides/shows objects that are outside of the current canvas/page. Useful if you want to see how the output result of your design will look.

Clip Content in Gravit Designer

 To clip content:

  1. Click on the empty spot of the canvas to deselect everything and bring up the Page Properties panel.
    Page panel in Gravit Designer
  2. Head over to the Page Properties panel on the top of Inspector Panel. Click at the left most button opposite to the Page Size label.
    Clip Content Button in Gravit Designer