updated on 26 June 2022 | reading time: 3 minutes


Gravit Designer is packed with a wealthy variety of vector and raster effects that you can use to turn your images into a piece of art or just create what you are up to.

Effects Panel

To apply an effect in Gravit you need to locate the Effects Panel at the bottom of the Inspector Panel.

Effects Panel in Gravit Designer


Note: You can apply an effect to an object, a group of objects, or a layer.

Most popular effects are imminent for you directly from the Effects Panel. Select an object and click on one of the four popular effects to apply it.

Pupalar effects

This way you can apply any of these effects:

List of the popular effects in Gravit Designer

  1. Gaussian blur (1)
  2. Color Adjust (2)
  3. Drop Shadow (3)
  4. Inner Shadow (4)

Use the last menu item in this list called More to bring up a pop-up menu with more effects.

More effects in Gravit Designer

You can also access the same pop-up menu by clicking on the tiny Plus icon opposite to the effect label on the top-right of the Effects Panel.

Pop up icon plus icon

Effects Popup Menu

Effects menu pop-up in Gravit

The pop-up menu contains over 35 effects(2) arranged into different categories. You can select the category from the drop-down menu(1) on top.

Effects dropdown in Gravit Designer

There are six main categories:

There is also a category for the most used effects(7).

Modifying Effects

Effect Attributes

Once an effect has been applied you can modify some of its attributes from the interface under the Effects Panel.

Effect attributes

Every effect has its own unique set of attributes, thus you will use sliders, text fields, color pickers, and radio buttons to edit the effect.

Effects attributes


Tip: When you finish editing an effect you can collapse its interface by clicking on the Effects label or the chevron icon next to it. Thus you can keep your panels slim and neat.
Collapse the effect panel

Deleting Effects

When you hover an applied effect, some options are shown.  One of them is the Trashcan icon, which can be used to delete the effect.

Toggle the Visibility of the Effect

Another option that is shown on hover is Toggle Visibility. Instead of deleting the effect permanently, you can temporarily switch it off by clicking this icon.

When you are ready to bring it back click the eyeball icon again.

Scope of the Effect

By default, the effect is applied to the whole object. You can choose whether to apply it to the fill, border, or the whole element on the context menu that is shown with a right-click on the effect.

In this context-menu, it’s also possible to copy the effect so it can be pasted on the same or other elements on the canvas.

Stack effects

You can add unlimited effects on any object. For some effects, changing the stacking order influences the appearance of the final result. For example, changing the order of multiple shadows:

Effects: Drag to rearrange or delete

To rearrange effects:

  1. Hover over the effect name
  2. Then click and drag the indicator (vertical dots that are shown) up or down
  3. The red line will appear to show you where the effect will drop
  4. Release the mouse

To quickly delete an effect:

  1. Drag the effect outside to the inspector panel until the delete icon appears
  2. Release the mouse