updated on 21 November 2020 | reading time: 2 minutes


Distortion Group of Effects

The Distortion group contains effects to help you to bloat, squeeze, bend, pull up or twist the shape of an object or a group of objects.

Distortion group of effects

So if you are up to change the forms of an object you should land here with four effects available at your please:

  1. Bulge
  2. Fisheye
  3. Bend
  4. Swirl

Bulge Effect

Bulge effect

The bulge effect creates a bump on an object or photo.

Bulge effect example

You can control the size of the bump with the radius slider(3).

Bulge effect controls

The strength slider(4) controls the intensity and direction of the effect.

The positive strength value projects outward.

Positive streigth value of the bulge effect

The negative strength value projects inward.

Negative streigth value of the bulge effect

You can move the bump horizontally by dragging the Center X slider.

Bulge horizontall move

The Center Y slider moves it vertically.

Fisheye Effect

Fisheye effect thumbnail

The fisheye effect creates a curved distortion of the object. It simulates the fisheye lens warping the photo as if you are looking into googles while diving into the underwater deep.

Fisheye effect example

The strength slider controls the intensity and direction of the effect.

Fisheye sterngth slider

As with the bulge effect, it has a positive and negative value to direct the effect outward or inward respectively.

Fisheye strength example

Bend Effect

Bend effect thumbnail

The bend effect allows you to curve the object into the arc.

Bend effect example


You may choose to protrude the image to the left or right depending on the value of the strength X slider.

Bend effect horizontal protrusion

The strength Y slider controls the vertical protrusion of the image. The positives value bends to the top, negative – to the bottom.

Bend effect vertical protrusion

Swirl Effect

swirl effect thumbnail

The swirls effect twists an image creating the whirl inside in an object.

swirl effect example

You can control the horizontal position of the whirl by dragging the center X slider.

Swirl effect controls

The center Y slider controls the vertical position of the whirl.

Swirl effect, Center Y slider

The radius slider controls the whirl size and intensity of the whirl.

swirl effect radius

You can also control the direction and intensity of the effect by dragging the angle slider.

Set the negative value to twist clockwise. Set the positive slider to twist counterclockwise.

angle slider of the swirl effect