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Other Effects

There are always some things hard to classify. There are four effects in Gravit Designer that do not fit in any of the six categories, although they are too preciuos to throw them away.

other effects

These gems were combined into the other category, which is the last option into the dropdown.


More effect dropdown

Mirror Effect

Mirror effect

The mirror effect creates a vertical reflection with variable transparency along the Y-axis of the effect.

This effect simulates natural reflections of an object into the water, ice, glass, crystal, etc. It loses the opacity gradually towards the end of the duplicate.

Mirror effect example

You can control the opacity as well as padding and height through the mirror effect panel.

Mirror effect panel

The opacity slider(1) controls the transparency of the reflection.

Mirror effect transparency

You can control the distance between the object and the reflection by typing inside the padding text field.

Mirror effect padding


Note: the padding text field doesn’t accept the negative values, so it’s impossible to collide or overlap the shapes of the object and its reflection.

You can set a height of the reflection by typing inside the height text field. Use the   and   to increment the height value by step of 10.

Mirror effect height

Stroke Effect

Stroke effect


The stroke effect creates a border around an object.

Stroke effect example

This border may vary in size, weight, and shape. You can pick up a color, change a position to either inside, outside or center. Finally, you can enclose it intoThe elliptical shape by toggling the elliptical radio slider(5).

Stroke effect radio slider


Note: you might ask “Why to create a stroke effect since we have a border?”. In fact, the stroke effect is much more versatile with variable shape and weight across the object. It also allows you to apply the effects to some borders and leave some of them unaffected.

Inner Glow

Inner Glow effect

The inner glow effect creates a radiance around an object.

Inner glow effect

The light from the effect is emanating towards the center of the object.

inner glow controls

You can control the weight of the effect with the radius slider(1).

Inner glow effect, radius option

The intensity slider(2) controls the saturation and opacity of the effect. Low intensity makes the glow very pale and faint.

Inner glow, intensity slider

You can set a color by clicking on the color picker icon(3).

Outer Glow

Outer glow effect

Oppose to the inner glow the outer glow effect makes the light to radiate outside.

outer glow effect example

Outer glow effect has the same interface as the inner glow.

Outer glow panel options

You can control the spread of the glow by dragging the radius slider(1).

outer glow effect intensity

The intensity slider(2) controls both transparency and saturation of the effect.

Outer glow intensity

You can select the color by clicking the color picker icon(3).

Note: For the stroke, outer and inner glow effects the color picker panel offers only solid colors with no gradient options available.