updated on 14 January 2019 | reading time: 1 minute



Gravit Designer can open/import raster and vector file formats directly.

Besides Gravit’s own file format (.gvdesign), vectors can be brought as SVG files (.svg), EPS files (.eps), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), PDF files (.pdf) and Sketch files until version 49 (.sketch). Raster images can be imported as PNG files (.png) and JPEG files (.jpeg).

Note that importing AI and EPS files is an exclusive Gravit Designer PRO feature

To import a file while creating a new design on Gravit, use File>Open file…> [select a file format]. This will open your file extension while opening a new tab on Gravit.

It is also possible to drag files directly from your computer into Gravit Designer. This method won’t create a new design but open your selected file on the currently opened tab.

You can also import fonts which will be in a separate section from System and Web.

Use the File menu > Import > [select a file format] for quick access to importing images and fonts.