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You can open/import raster and vector files to work in Gravit Designer

Besides Gravit’s own file format (.gvdesign), vectors can be brought as SVG files (.svg), EPS files (.eps), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), PDF files (.pdf) and Sketch files until version 49 (.sketch). Raster images can be imported as PNG files (.png) and JPEG files (.jpeg).

Note: importing AI and EPS files is an exclusive Gravit Designer PRO feature

Open Files

To open a vector file head over to File>Open file… or use the shortcut  / CTRL + O.

Open File

This will open the file in the new tab creating a new document.

Separate document when open

When you are done editing AI, EPS, PDF or SVG file, you can’t write the changes into the same file. You need to either export them rewriting the file or save it in proprietary file format.

Save dialog box

Note: to open raster images, please use the Import option of the file menu

Import Files

To place the file on the canvas use the import command. Head over to File/Import/Place Image… to place an image inside the existing document.

Import - place image

The import option is the best way to open raster images in Gravit Designer, although it is not limited by a bitmap and allows you to open SVG, PDF, AI, and EPS as well.

Tip: you can drop images on the canvas in Gravit Designer

Import Fonts

Head over toFile menu > Import > Add fonts… to import font. Select the file.

Add fonts