updated on 10 January 2019 | reading time: 2 minutes


What is Gravit Designer?

Gravit Designer is a powerful and easy to use vector design application. In addition to its professional-level vector design capabilities, Gravit Designer also provides some basic pixel related functionalities. All this is provided in an elegant and flexible user interface that works on all major desktop platforms as well as in modern browsers.

Gravit Designer can help you in a variety of design areas, and in many cases, it will be the only application that you need to complete your design project. That includes areas such as:

  • User Interface design
  • Illustrations
  • Light print projects
  • Web and social media graphics
  • Icons
  • Web page mockups
  • Infographics

Key features

  • Multiplatform – works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and on the Web
  • Access from anywhere – use online and offline
  • A wide range of supported industry standard formats – SVG, pdf, eps, ai, sketch, jpeg, png
  • Easy to learn, but powerful and context-sensitive user interface
  • Professional-grade vector editing capabilities
    • Many predefined vector primitives with advanced editing controls – rectangle, ellipse, polygon, star
    • Live nested boolean operations (non-destructive)
    • State of the art path tool
  • Working with embedded and linked raster images
  • Real-time (live) and non-destructive editing
    • Live gradients with on-canvas editing
    • Multiple fills, borders, and effects per object
    • Opacity and blending modes
  • Precision editing
  • RGB, HSB & CMYK color
  • Powerful text editing
    • Access to Web (Google) and System fonts
    • Upload your own custom fonts
    • Line and block text
    • A wide range of Character and Paragraph properties
    • Attach text to path
  • Multilevel design organization
    • Pages
    • Layer groups
    • Groups & Frames
    • Arrange, hide and lock objects
  • Reuse elements and assets
    • Symbols
    • Styles – text and graphics
    • Swatches
    • Master pages
  • Multiple design aids
    • Rectangle & Isometric grid
    • Rulers and guidelines
    • Smart snapping options
    • Live dimensions
  • Powerful free version. Even more powerful Pro version