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How to use

You can start using Gravit Designer right in your browser or download appropriate desktop version.

In the Browser

To use Gravit Designer online point your browser to designer.gravit.io and start designing. Use the latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari for the best experience.

Download & Install desktop versions

You can always download the latest version of Gravit Designer from our site designer.io.

Chose your operating system and click on the appropriate icon. Once the installer is downloaded just start it and follow the instruction on screen.

Note: For Windows OS we have an alternative Portable version and for Linux, we provide a Snap package as well.

Windows portable version features:

  • single executable file, no installation needed
  • works from a USB stick
  • runs without needing admin permissions to install (good for locked-down corporate computers)

You can also install the Chrome extension on every platform.

Note: In order to start using Gravit Designer, you must first create a free account.

Register a New Account

After launching an application you should create a new account.

Create a new account

There are four required fields:

  1. Email Adress(1)
  2. Your full name(2)
  3. Password(3)
  4. Term of Use and Privacy policy agreement(4)

Create a new account section


Note: email adress is supposed to be verified in three days time. Please, provide your own valid email you have  an access to.

After clicking the Create Account button you should choose between two options:

  1. Enrolling in a free trial(1) of the Gravit Designer Pro
  2. Using the free version(2) of Gravit Designer

Free or trial pro version

Gravit Designer PRO

You can start a trial of the PRO version of Gravit Designer. After the trial period is over you can continue using the Free version as long as you want. Some features aimed at professional designers will be disabled.

For more information about PRO version and up to date comparison between Free and PRO versions go here.

Auto Update

Once installed the built-in auto-update mechanism will prompt you to update every time we release a new version. So you will be always with the latest and greatest version of Gravit. You can manually check if you are using the latest version from Help > Check for Updates.

You can check System requirements in our FAQ section.