updated on 26 June 2022 | reading time: 1 minute

Organizing your designs

No matter whether you are working on the project alone or with the group of fellow-designers, you need to know how to organize your design properly.

With every single project, remember, that you are designing for people to implement, exhibit, use, wear or build upon your design. So the way you structure it tells a lot about who you are. It is your hallmark, your outlook, and at the same time your understanding of how do people use your creations.

Good design always has a good structure, that is easy to get, expand, and maintain. Thus for you to become a better designer, you need to learn the instruments, that help you to organize your designs in a meaningful way:

  1. Documents
  2. Pages
  3. Layer groups
  4. Objects
  5. Symbols
  6. Clipping and masking
  7. Shared styles
  8. Swatches