updated on 03 January 2020 | reading time: 1 minute

Organizing your designs


Documents are all about how you create, save and store your designs in Gravit Designer. Every document is a single file, that has its own name, size, and format. Gravit has its own file format .gvdesign, indicated by Gravit Designer official logo.

Documents on the hard drive

To learn more about supported Gravit Designer file formats, please, read vector and bitmap article.

All created or opened documents have the same user interface.

Gravit Designer Workspace

You can create, edit, and open multiple documents in Gravit Designer. To navigate through multiple documents, select the tab on the top-right of the interface just near the profile picture.

Dpcument tabs location

New documents, that you haven’t saved yet are shown as untitled.

Untitled documents

You can close the document by clicking the close icon within the tab next to the document’s title.

close icons

If there are some changes you haven’t saved yet, Gravit will show the Save pop-up panel.

Gravit close pop-up

Click Don’t save(1) button to discard unsaved changes you made and close the document.

Click Cancel(2) button to continue working with the document.

Click Save…(3) button to save the changes before closing the document.

To learn more about basic functions, related to the files/documents in Gravit, please, visit working with files page.