updated on 13 January 2019 | reading time: 3 minutes

Organizing your designs

Shared Styles

Styles are sets of reusable object properties such as Fills, Birders, Effect and text properties that are saved for later use. They give a designer huge power in making design changes quickly. They help to keep the design language consistent throughout the design process.

If you change some of the properties of an object with applied shared style, the change(s) will be propagated to all other objects that share the same style. Gravit doesn’t sync styles automatically. Once you made the changes you can sync them with a click of a button.

To make a new shared style:

  1. Select one object
  2. Adjust its properties as desired
  3. Find the Style dropdown in the Appearance panel and click on Create New Shared Style opinion
  4. The Style Creator dialog will appear. Here you can give a name to the new style, as well as choose which properties will be saved (and later synced) with the style.
    1. Style – this includes the object’s Blending mode and Opacity,
    2. Fill – all applied fills with all their properties
    3. Border – all applied borders with all their properties
    4. Effects – all applied effects with all their properties
    5. Text – Character and Paragraph properties – Font Family (Typeface), Font style (Bold, Italic, etc.), Font Size, Color, Paragraph Alignment (Left, Center, Right and Justify), Letter Spacing (Tracking), Word Spacing, Line Height (Leading). Text properties are selected automatically is the text object is selected.

While most of the time the styles will contain all the object’s properties, fine granular control over what is synced can be very handy in certain situations when you want to keep only parts of design consistent (For example keeping effects in sync, but having different fills and borders).

To apply already created style to one or more objects:

  1. Select objects that you want the style to be applied
  2. Go to Style dropdown in Appearance panel and choose saved style
  3. The style will be applied to all selected objects


Note: The Sync button becomes active only if there are changes in the appearance of the object that are saved in the style. For example, if only effects are part of the current style, changing the object fill or border will not activate the Sync button. The Sync button will be triggered only if changes in effects are made.


Note:  Shared styles are synced only in a single document.

To manage created styles:

  1. Go to Style drop-down and select Organize Shared Style option.
  2. The Style Organizer dialog will appear
  3. Here you can rearrange, rename, delete styles, as well as edit which properties are synced.
  4. Once ready click finish to close the dialog and apply changes

Tip: If you want to copy a shared style to another document. Select an object with that style applied. Copy and Paste in the new document. The style will be transferred with the object. Now you can delete the pasted object