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Is Gravit similar/a substitute to Photoshop?

In Gravit you can make some basic photo manipulation (mainly with our Effects), but unlike Photoshop, it’s a vector tool, so it’s more similar to CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and Inkscape, for example. For a Photoshop clone try Photopea.

How to install the Chrome OS version

First, unzip the file you download to a directory on your hard-drive you remember. Then go to Google Chrome and open the Settings menu in the top-right, choose More Tools > Extensions. With the Extensions panel open you will find a Developer Mode checkbox, probably on the top-right corner, please enable it. Now you will see a new button called “Load unpacked” or “Load unpacked extension”, please click on it and then choose the Gravit Designer folder that you unzipped earlier. Now you will see Gravit Designer in the list of extensions.

What are size restrictions for export?

4500 x 5400 @ 300 dpi

Unfortunately, this is a technical restriction. Based on the available memory of your computer, there are some limitations that don’t allow you to export images above a certain size at 300 dpi.

Other than that, we suppose you don’t need the design with these dimensions at all, only 1080 x 1296 at 300 dpi, which would result in an image with 4500 x 5400 pixels.

How to make a video/screen capture

For quick and easy animated GIF captures, see programs like GifCam, LICEcap, or ScreenToGif.

For more extensive video capture, maybe something like ActivePresenterJing, or Debut.

What are advantages of the desktop app

  • Integration with the local file system
    • Link local images in the design (instead of placing them)
    • Save GVDesign files locally (in the Web version you should download the new file locally)
    • Local files listed in Recent documents lists
  • Can be used Offline – for example, while on a plane This is an exclusive Gravit Designer PRO feature.
  • Access to Fonts installed on your System (via system fonts tab)


Note: Desktop app can be a bit slower than the web app due to Electron wrapper


What are minimum and recommended System requirements to run Gravit Designer?

Minimum system requirements:

  • a desktop or laptop computer
  • in Chrome, Firefox or Safari
  • with at least 2 GB RAM (memory)
  • with a CPU running at a speed of at least 2.2 GHz
  • Graphic card that support WebGL for hardware acceleration

Supported operating system:

  • macOS Sierra (10.12) or later
  • Windows 10 or later
  • Linux – Ubuntu 16 – 18 and Linux Mint are officially supported
  • Chrome OS – Chrome v8 engine version 7.2.502 or later

There are no specific optimal system requirements. The more powerful and new hardware you use the better Gravit Designer will work. Please keep in mind these suggestions:

  • Always use the latest stable release of supported operating systems
  • Gravit Designer will work best in the latest Chrome Web browser.
  • The more than 8GB RAM
  • Use modern SSD Hard drive
  • Use best Graphic Card you can get
  • Always use the latest Gravit Designer version as we continuously improve Gravit Designer performance


How to make a video/screen capture

For quick and easy animated GIF captures, see programs like GifCam, LICEcap, or ScreenToGif.

For more extensive video capture, maybe something like ActivePresenterJing, or Debut.

How to send console info to developers

To help solving bugs for the development team, you now have the option to Send developer details. This option is available in the Help > Support > Send developer details. It prepares the output of the application’s developer console to be sent to us.

Open the developer tools and console

Desktop app: / CTRL + / SHIFT + F12

Web app: / CTRL + / SHIFT + I or / ALT + / CTRL + I on Mac (for opening Developers tools) and press Esc to show Console tab.


Where can I change my user data?

You can change your details in the Account Settings screen inside Gravit Designer.

Click on your Profile picture at the top right corner of the app then click on Account settings button. Here you can change all your details (Profile picture, Name, Email or Password). As well as find all the information about your purchases (in any).

Here you can delete your account. Note that all your files will be lost.





How to use Portable Windows version

Just run download and run GravitDesigner.exe file. The portable version can be used from a USB stick. It saves all settings in users directory on the host machine.


Text & Fonts

How can I use my own fonts?

You can import your own fonts from File > Import > Add fonts… in the menu bar. They are then available in the “Imported fonts” tab when selecting a text layer and clicking on the font family field. Please see the following video:

Can I use Asian or non-Latin fonts in Gravit Designer?

Yes, since Version 2019-1 you can use any Asian or other non-Latin fonts in Gravit Designer.

Gravit supports right-to-left (and top-to-bottom) languages, which enables to use scripts such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian in Gravit Designer. In addition, we also included many other non-Latin characters sets, including Japanese, Chinese, Bengali or Georgian, to name a few.

Vector Graphics

Select multiple elements in a EPS that has masks

Here’s an example: If you want to select all parts of this icon, you need to hold / SHIFT + / CTRL and click until all elements are selected. Only then you can move the entire logo at all. To simplify things after that, you can create a group of all selected elements with / CTRL + G, which allows you to move everything together.