updated on 21 November 2020 | reading time: 3 minutes

Tools & Menus

Edit menu

Within the Edit Menu (1), you can find options to edit pretty much everything from objects to document settings.

Let’s go over them very quickly:

  1. Undo (2)/Redo(3) recent action to go back in time and adjust your workflow
  2. Cut(4)/Copy(5) ( / CTRL + X and / CTRL + C respectively) an object
  3. Paste(6) has its own submenu
  1. Paste(1) ( / CTRL + V)
  2. Paste in place(2) ( / SHIFT + / CTRL + V)
  3. Paste inside selection(3) gives you a clipping mask of a pasted object
  4. Paste a style(4) (F4) allows you to copy appearance attributes, such as fill, stroke, and effects to the selected object.
  1. Duplicate (8) ( / CTRL + D) to create a copy of an object
  2. Delete(7) ( / BACKSPACE or Delete) to get rid of an object
  3. Edit Selection(9) to bring up the Subselect Tool
  4. Select/Deselect all(10)( / CTRL + A and / CTRL + / SHIFT + A respectively) and Invert Selection(11) ( / CTRL + I) are pretty self explanatory
  5. Select by Font Type (12) selects all textual elements with the same typeface in the entire document
  6. Settings…(13) brings up the document settings panel where you can adjust global options


In the Settings Panel, you can change settings across all of the documents.

Gravit Settings

1. Highlight on hover (1). When this option is active, it gives you a red outline around an object you are hovering over with the Pointer, Subselect or Lasso Tool.

2. Auto expand layers (2). When this option is active it opens the Layer’s folder on the layer panel every time you select an object or a group of objects within this layer.

3. Change the Theme of Gravit Designer (3). This drop-down menu allows you to set a theme:

a) Light Theme ( default )

b) Dark Theme

4. Left-aligned icons in the toolbar (4). This option, when active, push the Toolbar(2) to the left close to the Save and Undo/Redo icons(1).

5. Save the Text layers as paths (5). If the font is missing on your system, Gravit would give two options :

a) Replace Fonts(1) with those available

b) Keep Font (2) to convert the font into the path (only if the option is active)

Latter helps to save the appearance(2) of the textual elements, but not the textual attributes, such as editability(1), font size, font weight, etc.

6. Rounding (6). This option, when active gives you a text field (1) to set a number of decimals in the object’s position, size values, etc.

7. Disable warning messages of unsupported features (7). Not every effect produced by Gravit Designer could be exported to.SVG file format. Unsupported effects would be rasterized. You can disable working messages of the unsupported effects.

8. Expand fonts on EPS import (8). If the messages of missing fonts do really annoy you, you can turn this option on and convert all of missing fonts into the outlines on EPS import.