updated on 20 July 2021 | reading time: 2 minutes

Working with Images

Image manipulation

In Gravit, it’s possible to do basic image editing, mainly for colors and texture adjustments. These editions can be done with some of the Adjustment Effects.

Color adjustments

Color adjustments can be done with Effects like Color Adjustment, Recolor, Overlay, Vibrance, and Bloom.


The Color Grading Effect has a list of some presets that work much like Instagram filters.


You can edit the image texture with effects like Sharpen and Noise.

Faded image

To create the effect of the image fading with transparency, use the Overlay effect with the Blend option toggled.

Toggle the Blend option, then click on the effect’s Color Picker to see the gradient handles. Adjust them to fit your design.

You can add one Overlay each side of the image to make it fade from all sides.

Create a color palette from an image

Creating a color palette from an image with Gravit is easy – just select the image and on the Inspector panel, under Appearance, click the Colors option.

A color palette based on the image will be created.

Note: As of version 2021.i5, Fills can be applied to images (bitmaps) in the same way that it can be applied to vector objects.