updated on 11 February 2021 | reading time: 3 minutes

Working with Text

The Text tool is located between the Knife and Add Image tools. Use it to place a text elemetn on the canvas. Shortcut: T

To insert text in your file, click once to create a single-line text box:

Or click and drag to create a text box with defined dimensions:

Text boxes have two modes – editing the text box itself or editing the text in the box.

A text box starts with the default words “Your text here” selected and ready to be overtyped. Immediately after creating the text box, simply start typing to enter your text. You can also paste in pre-existing text copied from other sources.

Clicking directly on an existing textbox with the Text tool allows you to edit the text.

Alternatively, double-clicking on a text box with the Pointer tool V also allows you to edit the text.

Pressing Enter while text object is selected will enter text edit mode and selects all the text in the box ready to be overhyped. This is particularly useful if you are starting with one of the many templates available in Gravit Designer or for small text objects if you don’t want to zoom.. You can quickly and easily overtype the sample text with your own text.

After typing your text, press Esc or click outside the text box to exit editing mode.


Tip: You can quickly fill the empty textbox with dummy “Lorem Ipsum” copy by typing in Lorem, followed by a space.


Many of the well-established shortcuts for text editing work in text boxes:

  • Select All text – / CTRL + A
  • Underline selected text – / CTRL + U
  • Make selected text Bold (works only if the typeface has bold weight) – / CTRL + B
  • Make selected text italic (works only if the typeface has italic style) –  / CTRL + I

Resizing the text box with the transform handles does not resize the text by default. However, text in the box will reflow to fit the new size of the text box. You can scale the font size by dragging the red handle on the left-bottom side of the textbox.

If you tick the “Autoscale Font” in the text properties panel, the text will be resized like any other vector object. (“Autoscale Font” was called “Scale Font on resizing” in older versions of Gravit Designer)


Be careful: when using the side handles, as this will resize the text non-proportionally, resulting in possibly unwanted distortion.


Textbox sizing

In Gravit Designer, you can have text boxes that are fixed in width/height or automatically resized to accommodate the amount of text inside the box.

When resizing the text box with transform handles the Auto Width/Height will switch to Fixed sizing.

When there is not enough room to fit the text on the horizontal direction (Fix width) the text will continue on a new row. When the text doesn’t fit in the vertical direction the text will be hidden (clipped) behind the text box bounding area.

If you set the height to Fixed, you can align text vertically inside the textbox.


Tip: To switch from Auto to Fixed width you can double click on right-center transform handle. In a similar fashion, you can toggle Auto/Fix height by double-clicking on the bottom-center handle.