updated on 16 May 2019 | reading time: 3 minutes

Working with Text

Advanced text properties

Advanced Text Settings

Within Advanced Text Settings pop-up panel you can find a bunch of to tools to enhance your typography in Gravit Designer Pro.

As with other text properties, its options have almost self-explanatory interface.

To bring up the panel:

  1. Select the text to foster the  Text Appearance Panel
  2. Head over to the small icon on the top-right of the Appearance Panel opposite to the appearance label.
    Advanced text settings in Gravit Designer

Advanced Text Panel would pop-up after clicking on the icon. This panel is divided into three sections:

Advanced text settings panel

  1. Typography(1) section to add special treatment to the text
  2. Text Transform(2) section
  3. Paragraph(3) section to control the paragraph attributes.

Typography Settings

Typography advanced text settings

Use options under the Typography section to add special effects to the text:

  1. Select Subscript(1) to set the selected text below the baseline
    Subscript in Gravit
  2. Select the Superscript(2) to set the selected text above the ascender line.
    Superscript in Gravit Designer
  3. Select the Ligature(3) to make the ligatures available for the specific typeface.
    Ligatures in Gravit Designer

    Note: ligature is a special character that combines two glyphs into the single glyph. It reduces the tension of the narrow white space and vanishes unattractive inclinations between two colliding letters, such as ff, fl, fi for Raleway Regular in the example above
  4. Select Fractions(4) to apply special fraction style, created by the type designer.
    Fractions in Gravit Designer
Note: Both ligatures and fractions are font-specific and available for only a few typefaces into the Gravit Webfont Library

Transform settings

Use options in this section to change the letter case of the selected text.

Transform text settings in Gravit Designer

  1. Select Uppercase(1) to convert all letters to capitals.
  2. Select Capitalize(2) to convert the first letter of each word to capitals.
  3. Select Lowercase(3) to convert all letters to lower case.
  4. Select Small Caps(4) to make small caps from the selected text.

Text transform options example in Gravit Designer


Note: small caps is typeset when lower case letters look like clones of upper case characters. You can apply this option to the text in Gravit, only if the font has this typeset available.

Paragraph Features

Paragraph features in Gravit Designer

Paragraph section contains two text field to adjust the spacing between paragraphs of the selected block of text:

  1. Indent(1)
  2. Spacing After(2)

Type a specific number or use the        to change the values inside the fields.


Set a numerical value to introduce a space at the beginning of each the selected paragraphs.

Text indent in Gravit Designer

Note: The text would be shifted horizontally to the right into the left-to-right layout creating the gap on the left. For vertical text layout, the text would be pulled down creating the gap into the top.

Spacing After

Type a numerical value to add additional vertical space between the selected paragraph and the next one.

Spacing after in Gravit Designer


Note: Although Spacing After for horizontal text layout introduces the vertical space between two paragraphs, it works independently from the line spacing.