updated on 21 November 2020 | reading time: 1 minute

Working with Text

Text on Path

Text on path

Text can be applied to a path or preset shape so that it can be curved and bent.

  1. Create a path or shape to which the text will be applied.
  2. Create your text in a standard text box.
  3. Select both text box and shape/path.
  4. Click on menu Modify > Path > Attach text to path

Another method is clicking on a path while the text tool is selected. When hovering the path with the text tool, wait until you see the pink outline, and then click. The text will start from the point where you clicked:

You can drag the orange anchor to move the text along the path:

Text on a path has unique properties under the Appearance menu when selected:

By default text is positioned on the outside of the path. The Outside switch changes it to the inside.

The Reverse switch changes the direction of the attached path.

Distance – the distance of the text from the path. Can be negative.

You can detach text from a path using Modify > Path > Detach text from path. Also accessible from the context menu